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What is FotoFusion Lite?

FotoFusion Lite Edition is a limited-use version software offered directly by some album and scrapbook manufacturers. FotoFusion lite is usually packaged in a plain envelope, not a cd-case, and does not contain a serial number or user id.

The purpose of FotoFusion Lite is to allow you to add your images and text to pre-assembled templates, and print these finished pages on your local printers. The software's interface has been simplified to allow access to only the features required to complete the included templates.

The information contained in this user's manual is primarily targeted to fully-licensed versions of FotoFusion (Scrapbook Essentials, Enhanced, Extreme).

There are some sections of interest to Lite users:

Canvas Tools >> Selection, navigation and layers: Zooming & panning the canvas; Selection Tools
Frame Tools >> The Frame Editor: Borders Options
Image Tools: Fine-tuning Images


Users of FotoFusion Lite do not need to purchase a license to print out the templates that are included in the bundled package.

You can, however, try the full version of FotoFusion. Available as an option from the start-up screen, this demo mode will allow you to try a full range of creative tools, but any output (print-outs, web uploads, exports) will be watermarked.

If you enjoy using FotoFusion to create original compositions or access other store content, you can buy a full license to activate the software.


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