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FotoScraps online gallery

www.FotoScraps.com is an online community maintained by LumaPix. It includes a gallery, a forum, and a store.

The gallery is a fun, free place to share your layouts with friends - with a particular focus on scrapbooking. Check it out!

FotoFusion provides a direct pipeline to upload your layouts right into the FotoScraps gallery - just click 'upload'. This is a huge improvement over the normal pipeline from packages like Photoshop into online galleries, which require you to save the file as a .jpg image, then go to the gallery and click 'upload', then find the file you saved out of Photoshop. FotoFusion provides a streamlined pipeline that keeps the 'busywork' to a minimum.

Step 1: Register at FotoScraps
If you aren't already registered at FotoScraps, take a moment to do so - it's free. Click here to get set up.

Step 2: Create Something!

Step 3: Log into FotoScraps
Click on the Community tab tab.

Click on the '>' button to the right of the 'upload' button, and choose 'Login Now':


Enter your User ID and Password.

Step 4: Upload your layout
Click the FotoScrapsUpload button:


You'll be asked to describe your layout:


The 'Category' choice allows you to pick a location for the layout to be placed into. The 'Title' will be shown under your image in the final gallery, along with the 'Description'.

''Keywords' make it easy for people to find your image based on words that you think describe your layout's contents. When done, press the 'Process Files' button. Your image will be uploaded into the gallery you chose.

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